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Coach Gundy Admits to Having Sex With One of His Player’s Mom’s

“I told him that if you come to Oklahoma State, I’ll coach you like I do everybody else, maybe harder,” Mike Gundy said during Big 12 media days. “If you are the best player than you’ll play. If not, then you won’t play even though I am sleeping with your mother.”

Coach Gundy, who is confirmed a man as well as confirmed over 40, has always been one of the wild card coaches in college football. Wild Card in the fact that you never know what you’re going to get from the man. He is an entertainer is his own right. The man is a millennial in a 40 year olds body. He wins. He produces pro’s and he fucks.

I have played for my dad countless times growing up and he has never once treated me different than any of the other players. I would honestly say worse. He used to get on me for things that he would let slide from other kids. He was tough on me, but I’ll tell you what. He never once, admitted to sleeping with my mom. Now, I am not naive, I know he has. My parents have had sex, 5 times to be exact. But that’s it.

But TJ, you’re the oldest of 4, what was the 5th time? I wasn’t alive yet, so I don’t know exactly when, but I am the oldest currently but was supposed to be the 2nd child. My mom had a miscarriage before me and if I know anything about miscarriages its that you have to have sex to have one. So 5 times.

I think if there’s anything to be said about this statement is that Coach Gundy is a straight shooter, on the field and in the bed. He knows how to rile his players up, get them angry and get the best of out them. Sure, he saw this kid grow up, wiped his ass when he was a baby, taught him about sex (which we know by know he is an expert), and worked his son to death to make sure he was a D1 football player otherwise embarrassing the whole family. Sure he did that, but now that Gunnar is in Stillwater, no more.

Playing for your dad at a high level College football program has got to be a weird one. I feel like it’s one of those situations in high school when you hook up with a girl and you talk all your lovey dovey pillow talk while hooking up, but the next Monday in school you act like you don’t even know her. You’re mean to her, even though deep down it kills you.  You think you’re acting cool in front of your friends but really you’re just pushing away the one girl who may have been the one even if it was just a one time thing at the Junior Dance. That was weirdly specific and definitely not anyone in mind, but you get the point. Gunnar is Mike’s son everywhere but the Gridiron. On the field he’s just another one of the guys he gets to legally abuse, but deep down they and everyone around them knows the special bond they have.

Having a son on your team is dangerous for that relationship. It’s a mother’s dream until the season ends and the father-son relationships starts to fade. I saw this happen with my own eyes in High School. The coaches son was a star player, but his dad pushed him to insanity. Once a top prospect, now just a gym teacher. He hasn’t talked to his dad in months. I am not saying that Gunnar will be a gym teacher, but I am saying he only has about 4 more years of communication with his father.


The point I’m trying to get at is the next 4 years is not going to be easy for Gunnar or Mike. Gunnar is going to see an even darker side of Mike, and Mike is going to see the bad side of Gunnar. I don’t think anyone knows how it will really play out but we do know for sure that Mike will always have the upper hand.

P.S. Did Gunnar play for the Dillon Panthers?




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