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I Think We Found the Biggest Hero of 2019


How inspired are you to just live your truth right now? I know I am. I mean a snake bites, humans try to help snakes. THATS HOW THE WORLD GOES ‘ROUND PEOPLE.

I try to live by my nature every day. It just so happens that my nature is to gather all of these people who make these kind of posts and throw them in an alligator invested river. Then go around the world, collecting every single person who liked, commented, or found inspiration in these kinds of things and then throwing them in the Piranha infested water from Sharknado. Thats my nature, so nobody fuck with it.

Finding inspiration or motivation in stories of people overcoming obstacles to achieve dreams, or even listening to people like Tony Robbins, I get. I mean don’t get me wrong I think people who believe that shit to it’s core are certifiably insane, but I understand it, it makes you want to get your life together and chase some dreams. But to think that someone can hear a story about a snake biting someone and then the person who got bit saying its ok, and then hearing that and thinking “Wow, I need to let people be them so I can be me is just fucking insane.”

Heres a test: go down to meet some homeless people and watch them do meth. I would assume that you don’t do meth, therefore it’s in your nature to not let people throw their lives down the drain doing this harmful drug. Well guess what. It’s in theirs to do meth, that’s why they’re homeless. So what I want you to do is go to a dark ally where you see some of these needle crazed lunatics and take the drugs. They will probably scratch, claw and give you AIDS, but that’s your NATURE. You can’t let people who inhabit the same earth as you do these harmful drugs, you have kids! Take it away and see what happens. No matter what happens, let it happen because that’s their nature. Ok, how did that play out in your head?

Social media for adults has turned into a platform to boast and show how virtuous each one is. Back in the day it was who has the nicest car. Now it’s who did the greatest deed. So when people post these sorts of things, they could die and I wouldn’t flinch. Even right in front of me if someone was dying, of course I would try to save them. It’s in my nature. But if I looked down and saw they were in the middle of a post about how they realized that doing good deeds for others makes them feel good inside, I would let them die. Straight up.

I am sick of these stories posted on social media where we are all supposed to learn a lesson.

Hey, I’m 24. I was done learning lessons at 7. After I learned to not steal, I was like alright I think I got it. My favorite part is these people who post it and put down their phone thinking they just solved all the worlds problems. “You see, snakes just act how they are supposed to act just like us!” Oh the guy saved a burning snake and now he feels better about trying again even though the snake bit him?! What a hero! What would we do without more snakes on the earth.

So it is in my nature to call out the heroism of this man. Thank you for your service. I hope your hand is burned and bitten.

As for those who actually engage with this kind of content and take it as some sort of lesson, they are even worse than the guy who posted it. Why because this ONE guy who posted it is just one guy. But the people who engage think thats how they should start acting, and push it onto other people. Why can’t everyone be real and just let the snake burn? It’s a snake. I don’t know if I would save my mom in a fire because I might get burnt.

Nature baby, let everyone live theirs.

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